Ska Studio is a company created in March 2003 in Elizabeth , New Jersey , United States. It was created with the idea of extending their market, as it is original Cali, Colombia , where it has four stores . It was created with the aim of projecting the Colombian fashion in America. Initially unveiled the different tendencies of shoes that were handled in Colombia , achieving much success , then went to meet the different requirements of our customers to reach a variety of items which make our boutiques.

Proud of our country and its products, we took on the task of promoting and distributing its textiles and footwear assortment . We have different lines of products such as levanatacola Jeans , Capris , Toreros, Shorts , Blouse Bodysuit , Shapewear , Shoes and more.

Our brands are Ska, CHNT , Secret Love , Secret love deluxe and Area 7 .

We import directly from Colombia quality products for sale in our boutiques and to the distribution and wholesale of the country at different stores . We specialize in the female line and try to always be at the forefront of Latin fashion, characterized by its quality , following the main trends in the most important fashion fairs in Latin America.

At the moment we have three stores , all located in New Jersey . We are continually growing because our mission is to fulfil the needs and expectations of women through the presentation of clothing that suits your tastes and lifestyles, so that they feel that our clothes are a way of communicating your personality to the world and showcase their way of living . Our human talent is distinguished by professionalism and commitment to the organization, with superior quality and orientation to customer service .